I’m a sheep farmer’s wife and a mother of 5.  I have a passion for God’s word and a desire to live a life worthy of the calling in all areas of my life.  Whether it’s working on the farm, parenting my children, loving my husband or ministering to those God puts in my path, I desire to live fully for God.

That’s not always easy.  And I mess up…a lot.  The Lord does not call us to live an easy life, or a perfect life, but a worthy life.  He promises true joy and blessing as we follow Him, picking up our cross daily.  He promises grace when we stumble and fall and the courage to get back up again in our pursuit of Him.  

I pray you will find hope, encouragement and inspiration in your own walk with God as you visit this site and read what God places on my heart to share. 

Here’s a conversation I had with the Lord on several occasions when I felt Him nudging me to write a blog.

Why me Lord?

Because I have called you.

Why should I start a blog?  Who has time to read one more person’s reflections? 
It is not about who is going to read it, it is about what I am doing to you as you write.  When you write down what I am doing in your life, it cements it into you.  I am calling you to write to change you first.  It may benefit others, but that is not the main reason I am calling you to do this.  It is not of yourself, but it is my gift to you.  It is my grace, expressed through the words I give you to write.  Be faithful, because I have been faithful to you.  Do not dwell on past failures.  Look ahead at the victory I promise.  Look to me as your guide, the one who inspires and empowers.  My Holy Spirit was sent to work powerfully in my people, don’t waste this power.  Don’t live an idle life.  You have more time now – use it for my glory.  As you write, I speak.  Others may not open a Bible, but they may stumble across this on the internet.  Make it about me, not you.  Write as I am speaking to you, allow me to draw the people to read it, that is not your concern.  I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the father except through me.  Step out of the way, let me work – but I need you to get my message out. 
Lord, I am not worthy. 
No, on your own you are not.  I have made you worthy.  It is my grace alone.  I have chosen you.  Pride comes before the fall, but the one who humbles himself before me – I will raise up.  Will you just sit there, or will you humble yourself, let me lift you up and be empowered to write the truth I have to set people free and live a life passionately devoted to me?  Please, allow me to use you.  
Yes Lord, use me.  Speak through me the words I need to hear first.  Allow me to write them down, and then you be the one to draw in the people that need to hear it.  I trust you Lord.  Please help me.  Let me stay focused on you and your glory.  Don’t let me  self condemn or become prideful; opposite but of the same.  This is to be your work, I am just the vessel you have graciously chosen.  Let me live a life worthy of the calling!

So I began the journey of creating this blog.  No easy task I may add.  It has taken much prayer, time, perseverance and a continual call from the Lord to help me get this up and running.  I now trust Him to use it for His glory!