Balanced Beauties Program

If you’ve done the Balanced Beauties Mini Course, or already know you want more help, training and support in this area.  Please consider the full Balanced Beauties Program.

What topics are covered?

Part 1:  Renewing minds and refreshing souls by:

  1. Establishing the root of change by dealing with the sin in our heart
  2. Finding our identity in Christ and committing His Truth to memory
  3. Learning to dig deep into God’s Word:  how to study and apply it
  4. Developing and growing in our prayer life

Part 2:  Rejuvenating our body and home by:

  1.  Food:  
    1. Gaining victory in the battle we have with food
    2. Balanced nourishment of our bodies
    3. Why water is so important
    4. Focus on the foods that NOURISH our bodies
  2. Exercise:
    1. Establishing the right purpose and motivation for exercise
    2. How to fit exercise into our day, what type of exercise is best for you.
  3. Creating order in the home by decluttering
  4. Connecting with those that matter most

What is included in the program?


      • Complete Balanced Beauties Manual (digital PDF) which includes teaching and training on each topic as well as scripture, action steps and habits to begin.
      • Weekly email introducing the topic

      • Weekly Zoom training and group support over each topic (8 weeks)

      • Group chat room to share struggles, successes, ask questions, etc. throughout the week
      • Accountability partner to keep you motivated and focused

      • A variety of group challenges with accountability, including a 2-week sugar fast; exercise challenges; decluttering challenges, and more

    Cost for the Balanced Beauties Program

    Free.  Your commitment and participation is the only thing I ask.

    You may choose to make a donation to help cover expenses.  That is up to you and God.  Please email me and I will let you know how to make a donation.

    What others have said:

    “You have taken problems so many women face, that we think are unsolvable, and have funneled them into solutions.”

    Best Part:

    “The encouragement it provided for taking steps forward”

    “If I had to pick just one, it would be the community with accountability”

    “I really loved hearing everyone’s perspective and ideas during the zoom meetings, and the way you were able to bring it all together. I honestly really have struggled in my relationship with God over the last couple of years and it was so good for me to be challenged and to not feel judged by this group, as well as to be reminded of better times when I DID spend regular time memorizing and in the Word, etc. etc. Every lesson was challenging and even though I didn’t participate in the sugar fast (kicking myself for that now) your study guide was SO helpful to me and I am making changes slowly to get my health back.”

    Mindset shifts that happened:

    “the new mindset of how choosing how I can honor God with the food I eat, and with how I take care of my body.”

    “Even 15 minutes in a messy area will get things done and probably cause me to spend more that 15 minutes.”

    “Just do it! Sometimes I’m paralyzed by the hope (lie) of perfection, just getting started is huge!”

    “This sounds really simple, but honestly the drinking more water thing was really an eye opener to me. I have been drinking more than ever before 🙂 Also just thinking more along the way about the choices I am making with regard to food and exercise. It was a really vicious downhill slide that I went on after my year of broken bones and I would say I haven’t really recovered, sitting more, eating more, feeling worse, sleeping worse, etc. etc. I am optimistic that if I continue to put the principals I learned in this study into practice, I WILL feel better.”

    Improvements experienced:

    “I lost 7 lbs!! But, much more than that, I have shifted my mindset about health and foods I put into my body.”

    “To be purposeful in the areas addressed in the book. Makes me aware of places in my heart and home that I need to give to the Lord.”

    “Awareness of sugar, how good I feel when off vs. when back on. Encouragement to memorize Scripture and recommit portions of His Word to memory”

    “I think the decluttering section was probably the easiest for me, because I can see real results right away when I clean out a drawer. I don’t have a lot of patience sometimes with how long other changes take. But I am realizing how good it feels to not have to dig through clutter to get to what I want or need. AND to break it up into small doses – I don’t have to take a week off (though I probably should), but doing a drawer each evening is doable.”


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