Christ-like Character Prayer Cards

Dear parents, grandparents, teachers, mentors or anyone who has children in their lives!  Here are a set of 24 cards with written prayers to help your child develop a character that most resembles Christ.  

Do you want your child to become more Christ-like in character, but often feel helpless and unsure of how to do that?   

Are you ready to start praying specific prayers for the children in your life?

What would it feel like to:

  • Know you were praying prayers that were specific and clear rather than vague or general?
  • Regularly pray for the eternal impacts your child has on the world?
  • Never be at a loss for words when you desire to pray earnestly and fervently for your child?
  • Know you were praying for 24 different character traits for your child to develop?
  • One day have this child grow up with a kind, loving, patient, diligent, holy character because you were obedient and in God's grace were used by Him to pray for these character traits to develop in your child?
  • Have your child be redirected from the ungodly traits of jealousy, anger, malice, resentment and instead develop patience, love, forgiveness and peace?
  • Know you chose to be in prayer for you child rather than wasting endless minutes scrolling through social media?
  • Have your child be diligent in her work, zeal in his worship, or purity in her speech, thinking and viewing?

It is only by God’s grace are we given the desire to want to be like Him and develop the character that resembles Him.  Do you want to join with God in prayer to earnestly seek Him and pray for these traits to develop in your child?

I know what it's like to:

  • Have good intentions to pray, but forget, or get lazy.
  • Have an absolute hopeless feeling of what or how to pray.
  • Waste time scrolling through social media instead of using those minutes to make an eternal impact on my kids' lives.

I also know what it's like to:

  • Pray for a character trait to develop like peace between siblings and then to witness a genuine increase in love and forgiveness between them.
  • Take a few minutes each day to pray instead of scroll, knowing I am making eternal impacts on my children and not wasting time.
  • Have easy access to written prayers on my phone that are specific and cover an abundance of issues in my children.
  • Know I am not only praying this trait for my child, but for me to develop as well knowing they are watching and learning from me.

By purchasing the Christ-like Character prayer cards you will have:

  • Instant access to a PDF download of all 24 Christ-like character prayers cards.
  • The ability to read them from your phone, tablet, computer, or printed off.

For $3 you will have written prayers to help you pray effectively for the children in your life.

Not sure if you want to purchase them at this time? Here are 5 free prayer cards for you as a gift. Use them, and see if you think the full set would be a great tool for you to have!