Create your own family chore plan with instructions and free printables

We have gotten into the full swing of things around here with school and sports starting up. I am so thankful! We are enjoying each game, meet and school day – as we don’t know how long these blessings will last!

Chore plans are in place. While not followed perfectly, more things on a regular basis are getting done!

Beds are even getting made, and meal times are so much smoother than the past.

I want to help you establish a better system in your home, if you are struggling for a consistent way to get your kids on board to help around the house!

Please read the past 4 posts to see how we have designed and implemented a system in our home to make sure the chores are divided and getting done.

Now it’s your turn, if you haven’t done so already!

Here are some free printables with instructions, lists and charts for you to fill out to design a plan for your family. Find a friend and do this together! Our kids are capable of so much more than we think!

Know another family that could use a little help and encouragement to get the kids involved with the household chores? Then please share these posts!

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Creating a family chore plan that you can actually stick to.

The chore plan in action – What the chore plan has looked like in our family once we have put it in action.

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