How to Dig, Find and Experience True Treasure Found in the Bible

The world is in a crazy place right now. I have questions and concerns, but when my heart feels a bit anxious, God reassures me. He strengthens me and encourages me with His Word. I can trust in His promises. I have full assurance that His ways are higher than my ways, and His thoughts greater than my thoughts.

I realize this is not the case with everyone. I know there are a lot of people who are fearful and hopeless with no where to turn.

When I say, “God’s Word brings me hope and encouragement when I need it”, that may not make sense to some people. “How does God’s Word speak to someone?” you might ask. “Is there an audible voice, is there some sort of connection to God some people have and others don’t?”

What is God’s Word?

Let me share what I know about God’s Word. The Bible holds the true Words of God. While over 40 authors wrote the Bible, they were each inspired by the Holy Spirit to write what God placed on their hearts to write.

It is full of prophecy that has already been fulfilled. It is full of truth that can be documented by archaeology and science. But beyond that, it is full of the life-giving words that change, inspire, encourage, convict, as well as bring hope and peace.

Yet, studies show that only 82% of Christians read their Bible outside of church.

My little knowledge of the Bible

I didn’t always study the Bible or know how to understand it. I remember hating Sunday School Quiz bowls, because I never knew the answers and there were always smarter people that seemed to shout them out. It made me feel dumb.

I grew up in the church. I grew up loving Jesus. I had many, many people in my life who helped me grow in my faith. My parents, my Sunday School teachers, youth leaders and friends encouraged and inspired me to walk with Jesus and follow Him.

My parents lived out the Bible. I knew what the Bible taught by watching my parents. I learned about tithing from my dad. I learned to be honest, to work hard, to be kind and compassionate, to think of others before myself and to help those in need. I learned these values by watching them lived out by my parents. I still never really studied the Bible myself much.

Did not study the Bible on my own

I became a Christian early on in my life, and was always in church and doing church related activities. It was just a part of who I was.

However, the Bible still seemed sort of foreign to me. I knew I was supposed to read it, but I didn’t really know how. Sometimes I would read a devotion that would help me understand, but I don’t remember digging into the Bible itself and truly understanding the life giving words I could find there.

I went to a Bible college. I took Bible classes and thought, “These should be easy!”. However, I was mortified when I received B’s in these classes. They were so hard and I realized there was so much I didn’t know. Students who didn’t grow up going to church like I had were scoring better on their tests than I was. How could this be?

Hunger for His Word

My hunger for God’s Word began to grow. I was invited to a Bible study and eagerly joined Bible Study Fellowship.

It was here that I fell in love with God’s Word and learned how to study it for myself. It was challenging, but in a good way. We all had questions to answer on our own and then gathered each week in a small group to share what we learned. However, I was not very confident in my answers, and I rarely shared within my group that first year!

After our small group discussion, we had a woman teach us a lecture over the lesson, then more commentary was given to us to take home to dig a little further.

It was EYE OPENING! I remember thinking, “So this is the whole story about Moses!” I had heard cute stories of a baby floating in a basket, but not the whole story. The Bible came alive to me!

I had people further along in their faith walk with a deep love for God’s Word, come alongside me. They would voice God’s Word to me straight from the Bible. “How did they know the Bible so well, to just have it come out so easily?”, I thought and desired to have that same understanding and wisdom they had.

How I hear God’s voice

Fast forward today, almost 20 years since I started BSF. By daily ingesting a dose of God’s Word, His Words are now on my heart and mind. When I come to a situation or have anxious thoughts, those very words that I have studied in the Bible are what come to me to reassure His plan and give me His peace or the direction I need.

They are the words that inspire me and encourage me to live fully for Him and to break free from the grasp of sin that seeks to kill and destroy. It is truth that overcomes the lies that the enemy tries to persuade me with.

Digging for treasure

God’s Word is truly a treasure book with jewels far more precious than any earthly treasure. As a familiar tune comes to mind,

Lord, You are more precious than silver.

Lord, You are more costly than gold.

Lord, You are more beautiful than diamonds, and

Nothing I desire compares with You.

Jason Wright

This has proved true time and time again as I dig into scripture and find the very truth I need to hear. These Words bring me out of sadness, despair, helpless, or hopeless emotions. These Words give direction, hope and a promise of a brighter tomorrow. These Words affirm that the best is yet to come, and that our life here on earth is temporary.

My desire to come alongside others

It is now my heart’s desire to come alongside others that are either unfamiliar with God’s Word and don’t know where to start, or maybe just in need of a little encouragement or accountability to stay consistent.

It is out of this love for God’s Word and a passion to help others find these treasures for themselves that I have chosen to develop some tools. These tools consist of journaling pages designed to help you dig for yourself and unearth the beauty hidden in the ancient words of the Bible. Discover the living, true, life-giving Words that are found in this Book!

The Bible is for everyone! It is not just for the scholarly. We find the greatest love story ever told in these living words. You do not need to be intimidated. By taking a little bit of scripture, asking a few questions and allowing God to show you how to implement it in your life will get easier and easier the more you do it. It is the greatest skill you will ever learn!

Join me

Will you join me? Will you decide that you will no longer let this most important book continue to collect dust in your home? Can you commit to 15 minutes a day to allow God’s love, care, compassion, wisdom and grace pour into your life?

Can you give up one TV show, 15 minutes of Facebook, 15 minutes of sleep, or 15 minutes of watching the terrifying news?

This invitation is for the young and the old; for the Bible scholars and Bible newbies; for those unsure of the Bible’s credibility and for those that are confident it is the true, inspired words of God. It is for ALL PEOPLE. Will you join me?

Many of us are home. Our activities are cancelled. We have no more excuses. Studying the Bible is so life-giving to me that I do whatever I can to make sure I am up well before the kids so I have enough time in God’s Word without the noise and distractions. That is not something I am boasting in, but it is to share with you how much I need God’s Word in my life!

Bible Study and Prayer Tools

You can access the journaling pages here.

Here are the Bible study and prayer tools I mentioned. There are instructions included on how to use the journaling pages. I will also have a private FB group to join if you would like the accountability or help I will offer there. It will be a place where we can encourage one another and share what God is teaching us through His Word.

You can join the group here.

If you are not on Facebook, and still want to be a part of this, email me, and I will figure out a way. My email can be found on the sidebar, along with other social media buttons. I love to connect on Instagram too!

You can be a part of a private Facebook group for accountability, help and encouragement. Click here.

I would love to have each and every one who reads this to give consistent Bible reading a chance. Can you commit to 30 days? I am here for you to cheer you on and offer any help or support you need!

The group is open and ready for anyone to join! Just request to join, and I will welcome you! I will be starting to study the book of James this Friday. A short, practical book you can put to practice right away. Would you like to join me? Leave a comment below, send me an email, or join the group. You will not regret it!

Here is another tool to help you pray meaningful prayers for your children, grandchildren or any other child in your life.

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